• The "land of gold" is also the land of some great coffee. In ancient times that was the nickname given to this island because of a number of gold deposits discovered around the land. 

    Sumatra is a country with a long history, with travellers and settlers visiting from many countries throughout the centuries. But it wasn't until the late 1800s that coffee was first grown by Dutch colonists. Coffee had been introduced in Indonesian as far back as the 15th century, but not brought over to Sumatra until later. Most of the coffee grown on Sumatra is centered around Lake Toba in the Northern part of the island. Small farms sit on high plateaus that are rich in clay. 

    While Sumatra produces more coffee than any other Indonesian island, it also produces some very high quality coffee. O'Henry's sources green coffee from the Mandheling region. The region is to the north of Lake Toba and produces rich, earthly coffee that is slightly sweet and well balanced.

    Another notable coffee from Sumatra is Kopi Luak. This infamous coffee goes for about $300/lb. Why? you ask? A small animal, called a luak, eats the bean digests it and so on. Villagers extract the bean from the animals excrement, clean it and prepare it for roasting. Taste profile is described as full-bodied and earthy.

    Other growing regions in Sumatra include: Lintong and Aceh.


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  • Jan 13

    Believe it or not in just over a month we have another holiday to celebrate. For you folks out there scratching your heads trying to figure it out, here is a hint: Valentine's Day! Who doesn't like another reason to share their love! While most of us celebrate with food in some way or another, there are some of us that like to show our affection with a special drink. More specifically, coffee! Here at O'Henry's we've been selling and serving up our own version of a special Valentine's celebration, Valentine's Blend, since 2000. We roll it out this week in our stores and online. It will be available until it runs out mid-February. 

    Valentine's Blend is a six bean blend and flavored with a special mix of Amaretto and Swiss Chocolate. Love it or hate it, Valentine's Blend is only here for a short time. So don't miss your chance! Get this coffee while it's available and enjoy this brew made with all you lover's in mind!

    This post written by: Mike 



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  • Happy one month anniversary to our newest location, Highland Park! This past week marked the official first month since opening on Highland Ave. 

    Thank you all for your support and encouragement in getting O'Henry's up and open to serve you coffee! It has been a wonderful experience so far; we've met so many new people and are excited to meet even more as you come in and get comfortable at one of our tables. We have been so encouraged by how welcoming the neighborhood has been to us. From folks stopping in just to say hi and welcome us to our neighbors at Rojo showing us wonderful hospitality and support we have been blown away.

    If you haven't stopped in yet, you are in for a treat. The new space looks like a smaller version of the original Homewood location. We went so far as to search for brick from the same era that the original store was built in, and decorated the place with 1950s decor in honor of the decade the Sheraton was built. You can come in and order any coffee or espresso based drink our other locations offer or choose from twenty or so coffees from our wall to take for home use.

    If you enjoy hanging out with a crowd of people, stop in and see us on Friday and Sunday nights. Tables are full, guests are laughing and having fun with friends.  Make sure you get to know our staff! They spent a lot of time in intense training getting prepared for the opening. They have worked hard to learn what we do, and they are eager to share it with you. So stop in and say hello!

    We look forward to meeting you all!   - O'Henry's Staff 


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  • Ethiopia has long been associated with coffee. In fact, it is considered to be the birthplace of coffee; which was discovered in the country in the tenth century. Many of you may have heard the story about Kaldi, a goat herder, who one day found that his goats were acting very strangely. Upon further inspection he discovered they had been eating a red cherry which caused them to act differently. After trying the cherry himself he found it had a similar effect on him. And the coffee cherry was then discovered. 

    Ethiopia's landscape is ideal for growing great coffee, with several high mountain ranges. These mountain ranges have produced some great coffees. The most notable regions are Sidamo, Harrar, and Yirgacheffe. O'Henry's sources beans from the Yirgacheffe region, which is located in Southwestern Ethiopia.

    In general, Ethiopian coffees produce flavor profiles that have both winy and fruity acidity with floral undertones. Notes of blueberry and mango have been described when tasting certain Ethiopian coffees.  Next time you try a cup, see if you can pick out these flavors!

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