• Jun 23

    We know mornings can be hectic. Kids are up and ready to go, the work day is looming ever closer. As try as you might you get everything and everyone ready to go, except breakfast for yourself. Well, in case you didn't know, our Brookwood and Regions/Harbert O'Henry's offer more than just muffins and pastries. We have some healthy, hearty and nutrient loaded options for you.

    One of the favorite's among our guests is the Power 9 Grain breakfast sandwich. It is packed with ham, turkey, bacon, Havarti cheese, and freshly cooked eggs. All of this is stuffed between two thick slices of our signature 9 grain bread that adds extra fiber. All together this sandwich will give you "staying power" throughout the day. Try one today O'Henry's Coffees.

    Looking for something with a twist? Another great option is our Southwest Breakfast Wrap, and my personal favorite. Packed into a sun-dried tomato tortilla is egg, southwest seasoning, cheese, peppers, and bacon. We throw it on the panini grill for a few seconds to crisp up the tortilla and then it's good to go. A few of our other options include: Yogurt Parfait, Bagel Stacks with bacon, egg, and cheese, and our Panini #1 and #2. Look forward to serving you!. 

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  • This past Sunday, Father's Day, we did something we had never done before. What! We at O'Henry's decided to branch out from the norm. I mean every once in a while we need to shake things up a bit...right? So we brought over a Hario V60 pour over and some fresh roasted Jamaica Blue Mountain and Kona coffees. We gave our guests the opportunity to buy a cup of Jamaica Blue or Kona and watch us grind and brew it to order using this pour over brewing method. It was a great time for us and for our guests. What better way to celebrate the Father's in our lives than by giving them a great cup of special coffee?

    If you read our blog about Chemex coffee you will remember that pour over is a method of drip coffee that was developed in Japan. The water is poured using a long spouted kettle in a thin, steady stream over a filter cone. It is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to brew coffee at home. 

    Here is what you will need:


    • A V60 pour over (or some version). We used Hario brand.
    • V60 paper filters.
    • An electric or stove top kettle with a long spout. We recommend Bonavita brand.
    • A scale if you want to be 100% accurate.
    • Your favorite coffee ground on fine or paper filter setting.
    • A coffee mug.
    • A timer.

    Here's how to brew at home:

    1. Fill your kettle to the 1 Liter line. (if you use a Bonavita the fill indicator is on the inside near the top toward the handle) Replace the lid with the 3 holes nearest the handle and turn it on. If you use an electric kettle when the water is at the correct temp. it will automatically turn off.

    2. Weigh out 15 grams of coffee and grind in on a fine or paper filter setting.

    3. Turn on your scale and set your coffee mug on the scale. Put your pour over device on top of your mug. 

    4. Fold the seam of your coffee filter and place inside your pourover device.

    5. When your water has heated rinse the filter completely with the hot water. This removes any impurities from the filter and preheats your cup! Discard the water.

    6. Place your ground coffee in the filter and shake it gently to level the coffee. Tare your scale to zero grams. If you need to heat your water a little more, do so now.

    7.  When your water is ready start the timer and introduce approx. 50 grams of water. Start from the center and pour slowly in a circular motion to ensure all the grounds are saturated. Allow the coffee to "bloom" for 30 seconds. 

    8. Slowly introduce 50 more grams of water in the same circular fashion. Continue doing this when the previous pour ALMOST runs dry. Your final weight should be 250 grams.  


    9. The process should take about 3 minutes. When you have reached 250 grams, remove the filter and pour over device. Enjoy your coffee! 

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  • Jun 11

    Starving and want to try something new? I know, I know. You want something quick. You want something that satisfies. You want something you KNOW you can count on. Well let me tell you about our lunch, which is quick, satisfying and always tastes the same.

    O'Henry's at Brookwood Village, and the O'Henry's in the Regions/Harbert building, both offer a variety of lunch items ranging from unique salads to hearty sandwiches. And we have recently added a few new options for the guest that wants to try something different!

    O'Henry's Smokehouse Grill. This has been a staple on the menu since we started serving lunch. Grilled, buttery sourdough bread with thick slices of ham and turkey tucked inside between bacon and melty provolone cheese. And don't forget about the sauce! The BBQ Mayo perfectly rounds out this filling sandwich.



    O'Henry's Thai Chicken Salad. I think there would be a revolt if this ever came off the menu. Crisp romaine lettuce is the base of this salad. Then we bake and marinate tender slices of chicken in our special Thai dressing and load it on top. Green and red peppers add color and taste. And of course we needed to add crunch! Toasted almonds and toasted Ramen noodles round out this salad...oh wait, the pumpkin bread rounds out this salad! Freshly baked at our locations this recipe has also been a staple.




    Get daring! Try our new Asian Soft Tacos. Two flour tortillas are served with our tender chicken marinated in Thai dressing, crunchy slaw, bell peppers and toasted Ramen for extra crunch. Thai dipping sauce is served on the side. Nice, light and quick.

    All sandwiches are served with your choice of fruit, chips or homemade baby red potato salad. Come try it out! 

    Lunch hours are Monday - Friday: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.


    Hope to see you there!


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  • May 29

    In 2012, we introduced a new blend called Summer Solstice Blend. This particular blend was created out of a desire to have a little fun and to feature something entirely different from what we see most of the year at O’Henry’s Coffees.


    We wanted to create a blend that reflected the energy many of us feel when the Sun is at it’s closest and could stand up to the long summer days of June. We needed a coffee that could keep us humming all day long. It is a blend of 3 coffees from Central and South America, as well as East Africa. The aroma is superb; the taste is refreshingly mild and sweet with a hint of apricot and coffee blossoms. Enjoy it while it lasts!



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