• Aug 24




    Join us at O'Henry's Coffee Downtown Homewood   2831 18th Streen South

    Thursday August 25, 2011 from 8 am to 11 am.  The first 200 guests in this time frame will

    receive a free coffee, tea or espresso drink courtesy of The Alabama Department of Public Health. 



    O'Henry's Coffees is proud to support this event.  Put your sunscreen on and come enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.


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  • Apr 26

    Press Release

    For immediate release                                                                          Contact:  Randy Adamy

    Date:  April 26, 2011                                                                                 205-945-8970


    New Frozen Yogurt Smoothies

    O'Henry's Coffees is now offering  Frozen Yogurt Smoothies. 

    Frozen Yogies as we call them, available in Strawberry-Banana and Raspberry-Peach.  Luscious fruit flavors with a creamy non-fat yogurt base.  A cool, light and refreshing smoothie. 

    "This is a new beverage category for O'Henry's we think it will be a hit with our guests" says Randy Adamy, Owner. 


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  • Sep 16

    "Best Coffeehouse in Birmingham"...

    ...is how YOU voted.


    September 16, 2010

    A pleasant surprise.  That's how I would say my wife Mary and I felt when presented with the September issue of BIRMINGHAM Magazine.  Actually, a guest told us to go to page 83 to take a look.  Right at the top of the page was a color photo of an O'Henry's mug with the title, Best Coffee Shop in Birmingham

    After 17 years in Birmingham we don't take anything for granted.  Heck, we didn't even get a chance to vote for ourselves!  We remain a small, local, ‘mom and pop' company.  The Birmingham community gives us tremendous support.  It is our goal not just to provide excellent food and beverages.  We know people come to coffeehouses to meet friends, soothe troubled minds and mend broken hearts as much as they do for a good cup of joe.  The combination of a Psychologist, Social Worker and Barista set you up for being successful in the coffee business.

    Thanks for the accolade.  Now, it's time for my coffeemate and me to get back to the beans. 

    Mary and Randy Adamy


    NOTE:  Urban Standard came in third and should be recognized as doing a great job in the areas of food, beverage and atmosphere.

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  • We doubt you have previously tasted a coffee with this flavor profile. However, the story comes first.

    Hate. How many crimes against humanity have come from this? How many millions have died? In 1994, Rwanda was the international face of hate. Genocide nearly destroyed this African nation. Nearly one million ethnic Tutsi and moderate Hutu were murdered in just 100 days.

     After the civil war, the government called upon the church to lead in reconciliation. The church responded and Rwanda is healing at an increasingly rapid pace. Coffee is playing a leading role. Parts of Rwanda are exceptionally well suited to growing coffee. And, women are in the forefront. The civil war left a population of 70% women and 30% men. Female entrepreneurs are springing up in thousands of tiny businesses. Coffee is just one.

    O'Henry's teamed with an organization working in Bukonya that oversees the coffee beans from field to harvest to processing....all the way to the USA. The superb beans and a supportive distribution channel allow high prices being paid to the farmers. The "middlemen" do not participate in this supply chain like most coffees. The extra profits get poured right back into the communities. It's a unique business model.

    Now, the flavor profile. We tried roasting the beans at three different levels: light, medium and medium dark. The light won out and here's why. The longer you roast coffee beans the less you will taste of the high notes (bright, crisp, fruity, etc.). The body (viscosity) of the coffee generally increases. It's not right or wrong. It's whatever tingles your taste buds. Bukonya is tangy, a little tart and downright snappy. See if this doesn't un-wrinkle your pajamas in the morning.

    We have 280 pounds between our five locations. Let us know if we should consider it again.


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