Profiles in Coffee Tasting V

    Country Spotlight: Papua New Guinea




    Beautiful beaches, confetti colored coral reefs and grassy plains are just a few of the idyllic backdrops to villages in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The islands also have large expanses of rain forest and breath-taking mountainous landscapes on the Eastern and Western sides. But PNG has something more than just grandiose scenery to offer us…great coffee. 


      The coffee we roast from PNG is fair trade and shade grown. It is grown in the Eastern Highlands in the Okapa Valley and is a wet-process coffee. If you remember from our blog, Profiles in Coffee Tasting IV, wet-process is one method used to dry coffee beans. The roast profile is a medium. It has a sweet, bright acidity, balanced body, caramel and floral overtones and slight cocoa in the finish.


    As is the case in most coffee growing countries, PNG has two types of coffee: estate coffee and peasant coffee. The major differences are the size and machinery used to pick and clean the coffee. The larger estates have better equipment to use during the drying method, while the smaller farms sometimes lack the equipment.


    About the Country:

    Population: 6 million

    Capital: Port Moresby

    Language: English, Tok Pisin

    Growing Altitude: approx. 5,000 feet

    Fun Facts: PNG makes up 1/10 of the World’s official languages with 820. They gained their independence from Australia in 1975.



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  • Guest Spotlight: Lisa Gober & Karen Bowen

    O’Henry’s Location: Regions/Harbert building 


    At O’Henry’s, all our guests are important, but a few visit us so often that they become like members of the family.  Here at the Harbert location downtown, Lisa & Karen are two such individuals.  They have been coming to O’Henry’s twice a day from AT&T for coffee since opening day in 2000.  They “love our personal attention”.  They still remember when the original manager, Blake, used to bring them their coffee across the street when the weather was bleak.  They “feel like family” now, and have fond memories of seeing the first ultra-sound for (now manager at Brookwood) Jeremy’s son Jake.  Speaking of Brookwood, Lisa and Karen recently had the opportunity to visit our new location, and thoroughly enjoyed the décor and new menu.  Thanks for years of your patronage ladies, and we look forward to many more visits to come!


    By Sam George, Manager at O'Henry's Harbert



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  •  Profiles in Coffee Tasting IV
    Country Spotlight: Costa Rica
    Costa Rica literally means "rich coast."  Sandwiched between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Costa Rica has lush greenery and beautiful mountains. It is a country known for its coffee plantations and banana plantations. 
    The coffee we have at O'Henry's is Costa Rican Tarrazu which simply means it is from the country of Costa Rica and from the growing region of Tarrazu.  The Tarrazu region is located in the interior mountains of the country and produces a somewhat heavy coffee with a more complex aroma.  Other famous growing regions include Tres Rios and Heredia.
    Most Costa Rican coffees are dried using the Wet Method. Here is how the wet-process works:
         1. The fruit covering the coffee bean is removed.
         2. The coffee cherries are then sorted and immersed in water.  The unripe and bad coffee cherries will 
         float to the surface while the good ones sink.
         3. The outer skin and some of the pulp is removed by a machine that presses the cherry against a screen
         in the water.
         4. Finally the rest of the pulp is removed.  This can occur in a few ways.  One is by fermenting the beans
         with microbes (typically in their own pulp) and then washing them with large amounts of water. Another  
         way is by using a machine that mechanically scrubs the beans and washes them in water.
    We purchase our beans from the Don Roberto Cooperative because we feel their quality is consistent and consistently high.  It is wonderfully bright and crisp with smooth body, excellent aroma and a hint of light chocolate and citrus in the finish.  We also roast a darker version of this coffee; Costa Rican Dark.  It is the same bean from the same cooperative but it is roasted to a deep, dark caramel.  It is richly aromatic in the cup with mild berry and citrus flavors and a touch of smoke and dark chocolate in the finish.
    About the Country:
    Population - 4 million
    Capital - San Jose
    Language - Spanish
    Growing Altitude - 3,300-3,900 feet
    Fun Fact - Costa Rica has one of the highest literacy rates in Latin America with a 97%.
    A few years ago our Production Manager Mike McElwain had the opportunity to visit Costa Rican. Read about his trip here.

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  • Profiles in Coffee Tasting

                       Country Spotlight: Guatemala


    Guatemala, a country with a long, rich and often tumultuous history, has become a country that can pride itself on growing great coffee.

    The origin of the country’s name is somewhat fuzzy. Guatemala, some say, means “land of the trees” while others hold to the belief that it means “between the trees”.


    Guatemala produces two distinct coffees; Guatemalan Antigua, grown in the region near the former capital, and Guatemalan Guayab, which we will learn more about in this blog.


    Guatemalan Guayab is grown in the famous Huehuetenango region by the small Guayab Cooperative. Situated in an extremely remote area of Huehuetenango, the Guayab Cooperative resides in the western highlands of the country. Huehuetenango is one of twenty-two departments of Guatemala; departments are similar to states or provinces. It borders Mexico on two sides.  This department also makes up one of the most ethnically diverse departments in Guatemala.


    The coffee from the Guayab Cooperative is impressive. Grown in the Blue River Valley (Cuenca de Rio Azul), it is shade-grown and fair trade. Since O’Henry’s started roasting this bean, we have been truly impressed by the product and the devotion of these farmers.  The coffee is richly aromatic with a delicate taste profile and an aroma of semi-sweet chocolate and papaya. See if you can’t pick up on the mild fruity and floral notes in the finish!


    About the Country:

    Population: 13 million

    Capital: Guatemala City

    Language: Spanish plus 22 indigenous languages

    Growing Altitude: Approximately 3,000 m.


    Facts: The Huehuetenango region also cultivates honey.

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